Monday, June 5, 2017

Billy Meier Case Is Real


There is something in this report immediately below and told initially to Billy by alien Semjase that should change your life in a very positive way.  But it went right over Billy’s head because there was no follow-thru.  He should have asked questions.  Fortunately, I had the advantage of already sensing it thru other means. I brought forth part of the paragraph near the end of the report to provide an idea of the importance.

Special Benefit of the Billy Meier Case 
The following along with my comments should change your life if you will spend some time on it. Semjase says it better than I could have by myself. The sentences to follow are Semjase on March 26, 1975.
3. The human bears a spirit that does not die nor sleep during the deepest sleep; it records all thoughts and emotions; it informs the human whether his thoughts are correct or false---if he has learned to pay attention.
154. As the light may be perceived through the closed eye-lids, as lies within every human creative presence, the entire spiritual realm; however, it is visible only to those who are actually able to look inward through their inner eye. (end Semjase)
I don’t know if it will be the same for all people, but here is how it is for me.  If I am thinking about something and it is along the lines that my spirit wants me to think, there sometimes appears a star-like image in my eye whether it is open or not, generally not.  The more enthusiastic the spirit is with the thought, the brighter the star or more than one star if you have really hit on an important thought.
On the other hand, if I am wasting my time or just thinking something that is fundamentally wrong, then a very slight ring of light appears with a very dark black internal.  Even with the eye closed, there is some light coming thru the eyelids but none where the dark spot occurs.  Again, the size or repetition of the dark spot reflects how wrong it is.
But you cannot try to force these events to happen.  They must work out on their own nature.

Billy Meier is a Swiss farmer born 3 February 1937 in a small village near Bulach in rural Switzerland only a few miles from the Zurich International Airport. He was raised and later lived in locations just NE of Lake Zurich at Hinwil and Hinterschmidruti. He has developed a plethora of pictures, videos, materials and transcript evidence of contacts with alien humans that are so similar to earth humans to be undetectable.


People that are prone to see a hoax tend to think in that direction and thereby abandon the study of his materials.  Others are hot and cold on the matter and many dabble with it now and then. A few have tried to make up their own stories and fetch income from presentations.  A man Colonel Wendell Stevens from about 1977 to 1983 put together an excellent two hour documentary video still available on You Tube.  This video report is pretty hard to dispute if one adheres to any technical expertise.


My report herein relies purely on my own computer program analysis of the transcripts (reports) of contacts and does not enter the realm of the pictures, videos and material evidence.  There is clear technical evidence that the basic story is correct and contact was made with an advanced civilization.  The technical information related by the contacts will benefit earthlings both technically and socially. Those failing to take interest will only miss out on useful knowledge and spiritual growth.


Billy was initially contacted by a relatively elderly single man named Pfath when Billy is a young boy about age 4. There is some serious question as to whether Billy’s father was really his biological father.  It seems logical that Pfath or his assistant was the true biological father and that would explain how Billy came to have exceptional telepathic power with which he felt the presence of the aliens and could actually call them to Switzerland when he had a problem on at least two occasions.


The apparent purpose of the first contact in my opinion was to inform Billy’s spirit that “he = Billy” had in a previous life decided to engage this mission at this time and made arrangements with the advanced civilization to inform his sprit about what was going to happen in the short term and in the overall mission he had selected for himself. The transcripts of these contacts would be later transmitted to him telepathically initially when he was in India as a young man and later back in Switzerland where he had gained a typewriter and speedier telepathic help from a more advanced alien. Since some of the transcripts contained predictions of assassinations as late as 1975 for King Faisal, he could not let others read them until after that time. 


There is nothing that I have found that clarifies whether Billy’s spirit had the freedom to choose the human body or whether Pfath was able to find him telepathically wherever he landed for his earthly sojourn.   It appears like the aliens wanted Billy’s type of personality and his being in a small village in Switzerland seems convenient to their agenda.


The sentence structure and vocabulary spoken by Pfath are far superior to what Billy can do even in modern times.  The sentence structure and the conceptual connectivity are far superior to anything Billy could do even today.


The major convincing statement for me is the description of the internet in 1942 and telepathically received and published around 1977 which didn’t get invented by the British dude until 1989 and surely was not available to the public in Switzerland until mid to late 1990s.  Some rudimentary beginnings were happening in the USA a short time earlier, but nothing that had worldwide connectivity. This will be covered later.


Pfath explains that there will be a series of contacts made on an eleven year cycle, similar to the solar magnetic polar cycles but no mention of any connection. After eleven years of Pfath, a younger female named Asket will contact him in 1953 and be his telepathic guide for the next eleven years. She is from a different universe and is from a very much higher evolved civilization than even the Plejarens. But there is no indication that she in fact is more intelligent.


The girl Asket makes initial telepathic connection with Billy when he is 16 and Billy goes to the rendezvous location where he exerts great calmness in entering an unmanned drone space ship via telekinetic lift. His description of the flight is far more technically advanced than Star Trek and his description of the crescent earth indicates it really happened. Upon meeting Asket, he feels a strong connection with her, although one must keep in mind he is sixteen and she a pretty girl. She implies that they knew each other in previous lives and wastes no words on elaboration. The initial trip to the Giza Pyramid is very technologically revealing and far beyond anything Billy or his friends could have dreamed up. Her description of upcoming assassinations is very telltale of the covert relationship they want to build with earthlings.  Although Asket and Billy don’t have a lot of contacts directly, there are continued telepathic connections for the remaining period of the eleven years.


The third eleven years Billy is pretty much left on his own to establish his family in Switzerland and type out the transcripts which he receives telepathically.  These transcripts contain names and words that I doubt Billy would even know how to spell, let alone dream up on his own. This effort is no small task as there are now thousands of pages of materials.


The fourth eleven year cycle starting in about 1975 is a contact with Semjase, the daughter of Ptaah who is the son of Pfath.  This clearly looks like a family project not unlike what we see on earth when people from advanced nations go to Africa or less advanced nations as part of the Peace Corp. In the transcripts it clearly states that it is the duty of more advanced civilizations to help less developed societies as long as it does it in a manner so as to not interfere with the free will of the helped.  It is clear that their “High Council” has approved this limited contact with one of their most experienced contactors, Pfath.


During the cycle with Semjase is when most of the pictures, videos and material evidence are developed.  It is clear to me that the primary mission was to avoid the Yon Kippur War from turning into World War III.  Later when it appears that objective has been accomplished, the relationship moves onto trying to leave a message for earth humans that will help them develop a closer relationship with Creation.  These particular aliens feel that God is an advanced human spirit but did not create the Universes.


On a long range journey remarked in Contact 31, Billy visits a huge mothership that is 17,182 meters in diameter and many technological concepts are introduced not contemplated in Star Trek or Star Wars science fiction movies.  Not only are the concepts very advanced, but the descriptions are very specific and likely unknown to most readers.  The number 1.718281828 is a very basic number probably only known to a small percent of readers.  It is fundamental to the creation of the universe as we know it. That will be expanded later.


Not much time in this abbreviated report was spent on the later contacts with Ptaah as it appeared that they were becoming quite political and perhaps reflecting influence from European News Media to the aging Billy Meier. I see no evidence that the elderly Billy has acquired the wisdom that Pfath had thought he might develop. Billy writes in his major effort “OM” how earth humanity has gone down the wrong path with God.  But he spends half of the effort criticizing how mankind has abused the life of Jesus Christ and the other half how the attribution of Creation to God is completely wrongheaded.   As far as giving a clear signal of how to acquire access to one’s soul or for even attaining “Oneness”, he does very little of any value for the student with interest in understanding his mission.  He does state that the JHWH (abbreviation for Ischwish or Ischrish), which he was a part of in previous lives, did pass down stone tablets and messages about creation but each generation has ignored them. If one were a peaceful people merged with violent people, the tendency would be to go live where hardly anybody else wants to live, say in Tibet or Nepal highest mountains.  The Russian born Theosophist H.P.Blavatsky made a major effort in the “Secret Doctrine” to bring forth the teachings of the Tibetans to the Western World, but most people find this effort difficult to read because of many references to Tibetan words and teachings.



But Billy certainly repeats over and over how one should strive to understand Creation. Neither he nor the aliens appear to be aware of the Theosophist Society.


If the initial contact reports with Pfath, Asket and Semjase don’t make up the reader’s mind positively about the Billy Meier Case, nothing will.  I am not going to reproduce all the detail herein.  You can find all you need to know at or at .  It will require some major effort on the reader’s part.


What is gained from accepting the truth of this case is very profound:


1.       There are aliens all over the place and they are making contact with us without our knowing it in most cases. Did we burn some of these people years ago as witches? Many are like the Plejarens and are indistinguishable from earth humans. In fact we both descended from the same root race. This helps us a great deal because other non-human aliens would be aware that we have some very advanced relatives.

2.      We can benefit from contacts with the potential for much longer life spans and much better health and medical assistance.

3.      Obvious technological benefits can result as long as the suggestions don’t interfere with the free will. Non-space travel technologies are far more likely to occur. They and other advanced civilizations are simply not going to let us expand our warmonger attitude outside of our solar system. We must change our manner of using wars to settle differences. Then and only then a more overt contact can happen.

4.      There is also the difficulty that these Plejarens have a very highly developed spiritual development and being closely associated with our almost random spiritual development causes them severe disorientation spiritually, even leading to a loss of control of some of their important mental capabilities.

5.      They will not deflect an oncoming, life killing asteroid or interfere with other natural disasters. They are simply not allowed to interfere with our natural happening. They can help us develop solutions to such problems and help us to develop, but not directly interfere.

6.      Just by observing alien spacecraft should give us ideas of where else to look for developments in space travel.  A discussion of where we might do research to gain access to worm holes should pique the interest of most technical people. (see )

7.      The theory of the Electric Universe, the Thunderbolts Project, seems likely to me to be true and needs to be pursued. It is clear these space ships use something electrical and do not rely upon chemical combustion for thrust.  It is clear that the solar system is not gravimetrically arranged but is electrically and magnetically influenced.

8.      Some of the more weird looking occupants of space craft reported by abductees may be androids on a research mission for other humanoids.

9.      It is obvious to all aliens that cattle and other grass grazing animals feed a major percent of earthlings and that may make the study of cows an important step in their investigation of earth. It could be that cattle are a more efficient food source than is available on other planetary systems. Hence, perhaps the reason for cattle mutilations and in some cases actual abduction of wild elk, etc.

10.  Multiple types of aliens may be helping us at Area 51 with the stipulation that the relationship must remain covert; hence, the need for the cover-up.  Downed alien vessels are very valuable for potential reverse engineering efforts and nations feel the wreckage must be intensely guarded from thieves of other nations, not guarded from other aliens.


The one thing that we could use some major help on is getting rid of the idea that war is the ultimate solution to disagreements.  The Plejarens indicate that they turned their governing body over to the most intelligent of their society.  It might be interesting to see how they go about making that determination.  It is clear that democracy doesn’t work if you have enough people who want the government to take care of them and they are dumb enough to overlook lies and deception.  Clearly the voting age will need to be raised and perhaps some type of selection process introduced to select better voter knowledge. Democracy cannot be successful if many of the people are too stupid or complacent to make good decisions.


On the education of the general public towards Creation and Truth, the idea of alien Quetzal that people like Billy need to set a personal example that others can follow is total crap.  No amount of time would be enough to make that happen in that manner.  It is clear in more recent reports that Billy is dead set on alienating major groups of people such as Christians, America, Republicans and European Union supporters.


Colonel Stevens in other cases suggests that aliens representing the Federation of Humans would like to make overt contact with earthlings, but are insisting that the nuclear weapons be given up first. NASA would cease to exist if we could travel with aliens to other planets and nearby stars. The world’s military would cease to exist if there was no more threat of war.  That seems ample reason to me for a major cover-up and stonewalling of the aliens by government agencies around the nations of the world.  If the world’s overall population would believe in this case, we might have a chance to get something worthwhile started.


In my recent technical investigation of the case I became a firm believer in the case when I discovered that the contactor Ms Semjase tells Billy that the diameter of their large galactic traveling ship is exactly 17,182 meters (Par 101, 1st Section Contact 31).  Billy is of course stunned by the huge size (some 10 miles in diameter) but has no clue to the significance of that number.  In fact, anybody not having read this report would typically have no idea of the number’s significance.  Even math teachers might overlook it unless attention is called out.  There is no way a farm boy who dropped out of school after the sixth grade, and a poor student at that, is going to take notice. 


The significance of 17,182 is highly technical but I will make a brief summary without most of the complexities.  So what is the significance of the 17182 number?  This number is used by Creation to build the universe.  Wow, you say.  Well, it is going to take some explanation to back up that statement.  But here is a start at it.


The natural logarithm base, e = 2.718281828459…., is developed from adding one to 1.718281828459.  The easiest way to generate this number is the sum of the reciprocal of the infinite series of factorials.  “The hell, you say”.


1.71828…. = 1/ 1 + 1/(1 x 2) + 1/(1 x 2 x3) + 1/(1 x 2 x 3 x 4)  etc to 1/ factorial infinity


The famous physicist Richard Feynman once said it is incredible how many scientific relationships use the natural logarithm base of e.


How I personally know that the a=1.71828… is of such importance to Creation, is that the primary hydrogen wavelengths use this number in the development of the primary spectrum of hydrogen.  Our science has developed the Rydberg Number to detail the basis for the spectrum, but the real Rydberg Number is actually a simple function of the “a” number. If you don’t know what the Rydberg Number is, looking it up isn’t going to help much.


In my possession is a huge book over a foot square and four inches thick that goes into a great amount of detail about how to bend the Rydberg Number around to create the spectrum of the rest of hydrogen and other elements, but that is a total waste of mental resources.  The basic building block of the universe is the hydrogen atoms in various stages of energy and all other elements are a simple function of hydrogen, not of a varying Rydberg Number.


All the elements and all the compounds of the universe are a simple function of the “electron shells” of hydrogen.  In my early college science classes, a great deal of time was spent in the early 1960s explaining how the electron went around the nucleus of the atom like planets going around the sun in perfect balance between attractive forces and repulsive forces.  This was a total croc of crap, and they knew it at the time, but taught it anyway.  Professors of the era tended to be about 60 years old so they got their training forty years earlier.  But even in 1930 it was known that the electron “orbit” was more like a probability than a sophisticated mathematical pathway. In modern times, there is still much doubt whether we really fully understand the electron shells or not. I will cover these topics in detail in another report.


Whatever the issue with the electron is, we do know for sure that hydrogen produces very precise spectra with highly precise wavelengths repeatedly in all types of circumstances.  And these very precise shells are the root cause of how everything fits together.  Each shell even has a “desire to seek balance” at certain numerical values such as 2, 8, etc.  Nobody that I know seems to have a clue as to why the universe is put together in this specific manner, but it certainly is.


The a= 1.71828 number is termed “A” as in the central key “A” on the piano at 440 cycles per second. The number a x 2^(8) = 256 x a = 439.88014 cycles per second is the real middle A which is so close to 440 that we cannot tell the difference.  This simple event ties all of music to the basic building block of hydrogen and consequently all materials in the universe. This number is repeatedly used in the construction of major stone creations such as the Great Pyramid.


For me, that means that somebody in the Plejaren Civilization knows the importance of “a = 1.71828” and had the craft built to that dimensional diameter.  It is fortunate that they use the same “meter” for length as we do.  However, all of our dimensional relationships are a means by which “Creation talks to us”, if only we would learn to take advantage of it.  But in this scenario, it is hugely convincing to me that the Billy Meier/Plejaren event actually took place. It is discouraging that the Plejarens and Billy only stress seeking Creation Laws, but make no effort to enlighten the journey.


There is extended information provided by Semjase in her early spiritual lecture to Billy, who merely grunts acceptance and has no clue as to how to make use of it.  She repetitively stresses how one can grow in spiritual intelligence by projecting the creative nature of humans into everything they encounter.  Ptaah makes it more specific by stressing spiritual consciousness as a vibration.  In fact, the Plejaren spiritual consciousness is so highly developed that being nearby around earth humans causes a dissonance that makes them lose control of their higher spiritual skills. They have developed technical equipment to block out these vibrations in humans other than Billy.


The famous Dr. Hal Puthoff was originally an electrical engineer who eventually earned a Ph.D. and became the founder of the SRI program at Stanford.  He has a parapsychic website now where he is doing work on Zero Point Energy.  Their recent efforts are searching for the key to making use of massive amounts of available energy that may allow the entrance into worm holes for gigantic increase in space traveling.  It could be the 17,182 diameter ship is an indication that “size matters” and perhaps spiritual vibrations play a role.  From the descriptions of the Plejarens it certainly appears so.


In the trip to the DAL universe where Asket was from, the preparation for the “jump” repetitively sounds just like they are matching up the 17,182 meter sphere with some type of vibration that allows the jump to happen.  They travel in all cases hundreds and sometimes thousands of lightyears in just minutes. There is no way grades-school dropout Billy or his farmer friends are going to come up with that type of details for a concept that he probably still doesn’t know about.


It would not be that unusual for the operators of a large ship to not know a lot about the detail design or even how it is able to do what it does, but they only know how to fly and navigate with it.  For example, if we have a pilot for a Boeing 747, he may know everything about how to fly the plane, but nearly nothing about how to build one.  Jet engines for modern aircraft have some highly proprietary elements such as the hub on the shaft holding the turbine high temperature blades.  In the hot zone, towards the exit for the hot gases, the hub holding the blades on the shaft is a critical element of the engine.  It sees extremely hot gases while the blades are spinning at tremendous velocity and so it sees extreme stresses at high temperatures.  Engine manufacturers such as GE and Rolls Royce insist on a very select set of specifications that go clear back to the source of the rutile (TiO2) for chlorination to TiCl4 and ultimately to highly purified titanium.  The pedigree continues even into the casting shop where the alloying is extremely sensitive.  Neither the pilot nor anybody outside of specialists in the engine manufacturing company knows what these specifications are in totality.  Therefore, reverse engineering of an aircraft would require much more than the pilot or his typical crew could provide.  Even having General Electric technical management people would not be sufficient to reverse engineer a jet engine.  The overall knowhow that goes into a highly advanced piece of equipment is spread out through a huge number of specialists, some not even with the engine company.


If the alien Semjase knew of the significance of the number, she did not call any attention to it, nor did any of the other aliens including her father in charge, Ptaah.  I suspect these folks are like our airline pilots….not a clue as to how to build an aircraft like a 747.  They feel lucky just to fly it.  Pilots of even our large aircrafts are not generally what one would call highly educated nor even widely experienced in matters outside of piloting.


One can make a widespread generality that the high tech earthling science and engineering are the result of many different groups.  The efforts get blended into something like the space shuttle via a widespread management team for which any individual has little understanding of the overall vehicle design. Generally these management teams get established over decades of effort. This is why a natural disaster that destroys infrastructure causes the humanity to revert to the Stone Age again.


What does it take to build a space ship 10 miles in diameter?  On earth with our gravity, buildings more than a thousand feet in height require very substantial calculations and designs.  In space the general absence of gravity would allow easier very large constructions.  But under our narrow focus one has to overcome the distortion of the structure when it is accelerated, essentially creating gravity.  It appears that each portion of the alien ship is accelerated uniformly and no stress is built into the appendages. By the way, this ship was supposed to carry about 144,000 occupants and hundreds of smaller ships.  It had an atmosphere created by an entertainment deck with plants, animals and environmental features.  How in the world would Billy or his farmer friends even envision something like this? I doubt Billy could even speak the story without substantial telepathic help from the aliens. Even Star Trek and Star Wars glossed over how you carry enough oxygen for repeated visits to star systems that maybe didn’t have oxygen.  Oxygen is not created on earth…it is simply separated from carbon dioxide by plants.


From my detail readings, in my opinion, the primary objective of the Plejarens was to prevent the Yom Kippur War from reigniting in 1976. With their ability to calculate probabilities, they apparently felt strongly that the Six Day War was going to restart and they suggest that there was going to be a series of telepathically influenced assassinations starting with Joseph Stalin in 1953 up thru the King Faisal in 1975 to reduce the probability. Somewhere before the 1978 peace agreement between Egypt and Israel they apparently realized that World War III was not imminent. It is interesting that all of the assassinations except the Kennedys happened in the waning life expectancy of the leader assassinated.


Secondarily, the Plejarens would like earth humans to give up their war monger mentality and focus more on Creation without the influence of God. They state that God is an advanced human spirit and had nothing to do with Creation. And Creation is an ongoing process.


Here’s the primary evidence I am contributing to this story.  Since I am an engineer and computer programmer in several computer languages, I developed a program that essentially does what MS Word does with the “Find” function under edit, but my program is much more comprehensive. I don’t really have what you would call a command of the German language, in particular not the Swiss version of it.  But I spent some serious time in Germany on some technical issues at an aluminum smelter near Dusseldorf and developed at least some familiarity.  I took three years of Latin, so that helps some and as well as the fact that English was allegedly descended from a version of German.  What I am doing with the computer program doesn’t care what language it looks at. It just looks at the letter patterns. Having the Google and Bing Translators available now provides a good cross check when I feel the published translator gets adventurous.


Early in the development it was discovered that translators often stick words into the mouth of the German version.  For example, when Billy and Asket are investigating the Great Pyramid he talks about a large block of stone preventing entrance to a chamber.  Below is a portion of an email I sent to the translator indicating first the German in pink and then the English in red.


Und schon zog mich Asket über die Stelle hinweg, wo noch vor wenigen Sekunden der Riesenquader lückenlos in andere Quader eingefügt gewesen war.


And already Asket pulled me over the position where, just a few seconds before, the giant ashlars had been completely joined with other squared stones.


The Google translation (recognizing it is a computer) gives the English as


And even Asket (inserted by me since the computer didn’t recognize the personal name) across the point where before few seconds the giant block consistently had been inserted in other block moved me.


In the email I go on to mention that even with multiple engineering degrees, I had to look up the word ashlars.  Perhaps somebody living in Great Britain, where the translator in this case lived, would find the word more common.  I seriously doubt that Billy used the German equivalent word and Google sure doesn’t translate quader that way. This is just one example of many that I find the translators tend to impart an intelligent persona that just cannot exist with Billy. I am certain Billy understands this and that is why he insists on placing the German text next to the translation. In a treatise on Billy’s modern book “Goblet of the Truth” a major discussion is held with Billy and Ptaah regarding the difficulty in translating earth based German.  In my experience of some 74 years, I have seen many words come and go in English.  How the aliens keep up with changes in German is not discussed but they may come here more often than they expressed.


Now back to the program that can find repetitive phrases from one word to many in some cases.  The Plejaren contacts, mostly two men and three women, generally contact Billy independently but on at least one occasion there were several of them face to face with Billy on their journey into deep space.  They explain to Billy that they can learn a new language in about a month because they have a computer program that helps them learn it.  Anybody who does any programming can see that their wording sure appears like it was developed by a computer.  So much so that it is easy to tell their words from other earth bound humans such as Billy and his associates.


The way a language is commonly used dramatically impacts what phrases are routinely and repeatedly used.  English tends to place the main noun first following by the action verb and then followed by the noun direct object.


“The dog chased the cat around the house.”  English


Other languages such as Latin might write:


“The dog around the house the cat was chased.”


This structural analysis alone provides an indicator of who is speaking.  And certain words, such as “girl” are repeated often by Billy and never by anybody else.  Billy has a “cool hand Luke attitude” he is trying to emanate.  The aliens are trying very hard to bolster his confidence with compliments which Billy calls “flowers”. The aliens are always “all business” while Billy continues to have a flair for character impersonations.


Anybody who thinks Billy made up all these contact reports is just avoiding the truth.  There are sentence structures and even spelling that would be totally outside of Billy’s mastery. While the reports don’t total anything like Edgar Cayce’s 14,000 readings of multiple pages per reading, there still is a huge quantity of words and most are put together in definite individual patterns easily categorized to separate individuals.


Billy claims that the reports from his childhood contacts were later transmitted back to him telepathically and he punched them out on his typewriter with one hand and likely one or two fingers.  Therefore, since the Plejarens had an obvious agenda, it is possible they shifted his verbal emphasis in some cases but it appears generally that Billy’s words are pretty much what he seems to be saying and what he should be saying given his education, experience and temperament.  However, there are several occasions where I felt they shaped Billy’s words in a manner inconsistent with his other words.


The upshot of the grammatical investigation is that Billy’s text is very easily identified with great redundancy. Also, the Plejaren text is identifiable even between Sfath, Ptaah and Quetzal and of course the girls Semjase, Menara and Alega.  However, it appears Asket, from the Dal universe and perhaps not taught with the same computer program, is clearly identifiable from all the others.  Since her text is often being directly telepathically broadcast into Billy’s mind, I am not certain what influence that would have.  However, another fly in the ointment is that most of the text has been broadcast back to Billy from some distant point and he is trying to type it into a report, often with self-confessed errors.   But my computer program used for analysis looks at tens of thousands of word phrases and can easily ignore blocks where there is some inconsistency.


There is some time spent on the issue of Billy’s education by the school of hard knocks after leaving public schools.  Right after his trip with Asket, still at age sixteen he breaks out of an institution by jumping out of the second floor, breaks a bone in his foot, swims down a cold river in the fall, enters the French Foreign Legion where he gets treatment for his foot in exchange for service in the legion where he at least gets food and shelter while still a teenager.  Eventually he escapes the legion and via church based societal welfare places is able to travel to the Middle East and onto India, gaining a lot of exposure to religions but no mention of any structured educational opportunities. He does eventually get to Greece at about age 25 where he meets a young girl 17 and runs off with her against her parent’s will to get married and resettle near his parent’s home in Switzerland. The next eleven years from about 1964 to 1975 is Billy building up his farm, having children and gaining steady relationship with the surroundings.


In the Pfath contact report finally transmitted and typed by Billy slightly before 1975 and provided to the local interest group who will eventually set up the Semjase Silver Star Center, Pfath warns that his wife will turn against him.  It doesn’t happen so viciously until the 1990s. It would be pretty hard to think Billy dreamed this up in 1975 and did nothing about it. There are several such examples that make it impossible for Billy or his associates to have written the contact reports.


It worries me that Billy was manipulated or duped to fulfill a secondary agenda.  Instead of sending him off for an educational journey, perhaps the aliens wanted him to remain uneducated at least in regard to normal schooling. I can understand that given his German stubbornness, he needs the school of hard knocks to get things thru his thick head.


In 1953 when Billy is about 16 he meets a new contactor, a pretty girl named Asket, mentioned briefly earlier.  One must not lose thought that he is only a teenager with a sixth grade education.  It is probably the first time in his life he has been alone with a younger pretty girl. He admits to a strange attraction to her but she tells him he should check his prior lives and he is quieted.  Much later we find there was a connection in his previous lives.


In a complex monologue Asket relays the story of her universe, called the DAL Universe and its relationship to ours, the DERN Universe.  These two universes (remember we invented the concept of multi-verses or parallel universes several years ago) are very much related and only differ by some type of “time constant”.  Colonel Stevens, who produced some really good reports on Billy Meier thought they might be matter and anti-matter but that seems extremely unlikely to me.


Ms Asket relates how her civilization was once centered near the Ring Nebula in our universe and then they had to relocate because of major changes in the worlds they were living upon.  Somehow, perhaps via somebody that later died unexpectedly, they got to the DAL Universe and then didn’t know how to get back.  They had only in the last 33 centuries figured out the “time jump” required to get back and then found the Pleiadians who informed them of earth’s system and their frustration with earth’s propensity for war.  The Pleiadians were already dealing with earth humans and so Asket came to help out with the extensive telepathic effort required to handle Billy. They are all saying that essentially we on earth are descendants from the same much earlier civilizations. That is why we look the same and perhaps are about the same intelligence.


Earth humans have been under the watchful eye of perhaps hundreds of advanced civilizations trying to figure out how we became such war mongers.  A later expose by Semjase suggests there were some war mongers who left the Plejaren system and came to earth about 50,000 years ago with multiple races as suggested by Edgar Cayce.  This group did genetic experimenting and created some pretty gross folks, some giants and half animals.  It seems likely to me that much of Greek and India Mythologies are maybe not so mythical.


The primary saga between Ms Asket and Billy Meier occurs immediately after the initial contact in 1953.  She takes him on several space journeys in which time is shifted mostly into the past but some into the future.  From the very beginning it seems Billy did indeed have some prior to birth programming because he is all too accepting of technologies like the robotic ship that picks him up off the ground and puts him alone inside and takes him to where Asket is located in a larger ship.


When Billy and Asket go to Giza and are attempting to walk around unnoticed, Asket fastens a device on to her and Billy’s belt that makes them invisible to others.  Not even Star Wars had contemplated such a device.  Asket had explained to Billy earlier, remember he’s sixteen now, that her civilization had to learn how to manipulate the time factor in order to jump from their universe to ours and the Plejarens.  She explains there is only a slight difference in the time factor, but that is why we cannot see their universe.


Billy is really excited about being invisible.  He even resorts to some pranks such as pulling on the clothing of some Arabs.  Still more bizarre they come upon a group of young women in a tent who were naked from the waist up.  He is so caught up in the situation that he kisses some of them.  According to Asket, they think they have been kissed by an angel.  If he had been an American he likely would not have let those bare breasts go without attention. J


The reason to bore the reader with this detail from the story is to get at the technical analysis of the invisible device.  One might be stunned at this technology, but before leaping to conclusions, think about why we can see things in the first place.  The nucleus of an atom is something like 10^(-15) meters….that is 1 with 15 zeros in front of it.  The outside diameter of the hydrogen electron path is thought to be about 10^(-8) meters.  That means there are 10,000,000 vacant nucleus distances to the outside edge of the hydrogen electron.  Then we start all over getting to the next hydrogen atom nucleus.  Therefore, most of what really exists is nothingness.  But this wall of electrons is still much closer together than the censors on our fingers or lips in this case.  Clearly the young women “felt kissed” so there had to be material contact.  But why could they not see Billy and Asket, yet Billy could see his own body and just couldn’t believe he was invisible.


If the small device on his belt simply changed the time factor to the DAL Universal standard, the girls couldn’t see him.  But if it also changed his seeing capability to the DAL standard, then he could see himself and Asket too.  This doesn’t make the device seem all that farfetched and makes the story come together on several points of view, and this happens repeatedly in the overall story.  I am quite confident no group of Swiss farm boys put this story together.


A very important explanation of Pfath to 8 year old Billy in 1945 is the workings of the internet which was invented in 1989 and not put into use in Switzerland until several years later and was not used by Billy until the 21st century.  The first reading of this transcript was in the mid-1970s and therefore Billy and his associates could not have hoaxed that discussion.


I bothered to capture the German statement and have Google make a translation to be certain of what was being stated. In paragraph 92 below one sees what is developing today in electronics.  Notice the wording by Pfath.


92. Concerning this, also electronic and other technology will be helpful to you, because, in the time to come, everything in this regard will develop so rapidly that each new thing will already become obsolete again within a few days.
In paragraph 93 there is no doubt this is a revelation of the internet.
93. Thereby you will be able to spread the teaching of the truth throughout the entire world, because the information will reach its destination within seconds.
Below is the Google Translation.
Thereby you will the teaching of truth can spread to the whole world, because the information will reach its destination in seconds  google translation


This is just one of several statements that could only be made by a highly advanced person, particularly decades before it happened.  And certainly Billy had no clue about the internet until perhaps after 2000.


There is still other evidence that the Billy Meier story is basically sound.  The reports of words spoken by the alien contacts produce technologies not even contemplated in Star Wars and Star Trek.  These were movies where people were paid millions to think into the future.  I don’t believe any of them were from Switzerland or spent childhood on a farm and dropped out of school after the sixth grade.  One might be tempted to think somebody educated helped Billy, but there were other people actually living at his house for extended periods who refute any claims of skullduggery by Billy or his associates.  I have spent an entire engineering manager career running referee between highly technical people and skilled mechanics and operators who can actually run the plant.


The Dr. Deardorff Effort


Now comes probably the most controversial aspect of this effort.  It is not going to sit well with a number of people, but just treat it as a science fiction episode until you have enough information to actually decide for yourself.  This portion of the story has been studied in depth by Professor Dr. Jim Deardorff over a period of decades at the University of Oregon and he determines it highly likely to be all in truth.  You can see his work on the website though he recently passed away.  His technical background, I believe, was in weather related phenomena.  But the work he did on ancient language characteristics was absolutely stunning.


One portion of the tjresearch effort deals with “disinformation from the ET’s”.  It is abundantly clear that they have an agenda and I am not sure Billy Meier ever even gave that alternative any serious thought.  Why did they continuously give Billy information that he was not supposed to share?  He demonstrated no analytical mind that would reveal anything on purpose.  He was far more likely to reveal information accidentally, not that the people he talked to could make use of the information.  Why did they continuously pound away at how awful Christianity was for emphasizing that God was the foundation of creation when the word “creation” only appears in the New Testament 42 times and therein nothing of significance towards God being the Creator.  If they wanted to beat up on some earth human religion, why not the Jews who mention the creation incessantly in the Book of Genesis?


The Book of Matthew which was about Jesus was quite detailed.  I cannot see the real beef about claims that God was the Creator when it clearly states differently.  The Plejarens are quick to admit that God was the leader of the spiritual world.


After repeatedly refusing to allow photos of the Plejaren humans and repeated talk of not interfering with the free will of earth humans, then by their own admission they claim to plant one of their own as the imposter Messiah, accordingly given the name Jesus Christ by the Jews.  Using an unsophisticated Swiss farm boy makes more sense if one concludes they wanted to simply deflect the Christian religion as it currently relates to Creation.  What about the billions of people in India and China that simply believe in a way of life more or less similar to what the Plejarens are preaching?


On one occasion Asket takes Billy and an acquaintance to meet Jesus Christ in the year 32 ad.  Of course, Asket and all the Plejarens feel that there never was an intension of creating a Jesus character.  By their account, the very advanced alien human impregnated Mary and produced the son Jmmanual who had great psychic powers and walked around preaching like the perceived Jesus Christ and was the one partially crucified.  I cannot imagine how even a simple minded person in modern times wouldn’t think that the Jews, relying on the Old Testament, wouldn’t think that this man was an imposter Messiah.  Largely, that is what Jews still think today of Jesus Christ….an imposter Messiah.  Of course, Christians think differently.


Basically this is an intervention project run amuck for the Plejarens and now being assisted in the Billy Meier proposed fix by Asket and her associates from the DAL Universe.  All the bad feelings the Plejarens have for the actual manifestation of Christianity and related Islam maybe comes from their own screw-up in the creation of Jmmanual.  While it is likely we have war monger genes from ancient times, their complaint about false religions seems mostly their fault in not anticipating what the ancient Jews would do with Jmmanual. It looks to me like they have a guilty conscience.  In much more recent reports, Ptaah discusses the Plejaren History as a total mish mash of religious assault on intelligence lasting a 100,000 years.


In the conversation with Jmmanual, Billy gets on his German high horse and questions the real truth and is told that he will find the actual Book of Mathew later in his journeys some eleven years in the future.  But he is allegedly not told exactly how it will unfold, they fearing he would screw it up with that type of knowledge.  It is not clear that the researcher Dr. Jim Deardorff ever gave serious consideration that the aliens had an agenda to deflect Christianity and were the true hoaxers. 


A copy of the King James Version of the Bible was purchased and a major computer study of the contents was done via the Kindle Option.  In the Talmud discovered by Billy and his priest friend near Jerusalem in about 1963, the use of the word “truly” is very profound, occurring over 100 times.  In the alleged conversation with Jmmanual via a space time travel, the alien Jmmanual uses the word “truly” many dozens of times and in a particular manner; namely, “Truly I say unto you”.  In the Kindle option of the KJV Bible, it does not occur in the Book of Mathew and in the entire Bible the word truly only occurs in non-related issues like “truly wondrous” or as a simple adjective.  How did Billy, the teenager, get the idea that the way the Jmmanual time transplant was talking like the Bible?  Of course, in the Talmud of Jmmanuel the hoaxers used the same type of language, apparently to make it sound authentic.


Of course, one must consider the Book of Mathew was written in the language of the times and the series of translations from one language to another and eventually to English is going to perhaps change from verily to truly and beyond.  However, Dr. Deardorff shows many hundreds of phrases that make sense for the reasons he explains.


Another hard to swallow event is that Asket, a beautiful woman, and Billy, a sixteen year old young boy, pick up a complete stranger who has a gun and take him along for the visit in time back to what most people call Jesus Christ.  Asket apparently was putting the entire mission and space craft in serious jeopardy.  I am guessing that the Plejarens wanted to discredit Christianity because they felt it was responsible for the war mongering attitude of Earth humans.  However, of all the wars on earth, most were before Christianity and the big ones, like WWI and WWII, were fought over non-religious fundamentals.  Even the bloody civil war in the USA was for other differences of opinions. But that entire aside, the Plejarens might have played an important role in getting the Soviet Union broken up and certain leaders assassinated.  Time will tell. They certainly injected some interesting ideas into our system.


On his adventure in the Jordan area, he meets the Greek Orthodox priest and they become friends.  One day they are walking and discover essentially a small cave, or burial chamber.  Inside they find in some urns a parchment written in Aramaic, later called the Talmud of Jmmanual mentioned above.  Fortunately, the priest learned that language in his early life and was eventually able to translate it, but not while Billy was around him.  It turns out the priest had trouble with military folks and his house was burned down and he eventually killed.  But not before he translated a major portion of it and mailed it off to Billy’s parents in about 1974 when Billy was in his late thirties and already had a family and farm near where he was raised.


The translation was named the Talmud of Jmmanual.  The University of Oregon professor mentioned above believes this is the first version of the Book of Matthew.  He doesn’t need to do what I am doing with a computer program, because much of the sentence content is word for word. It is beyond any doubt that the Talmud of Jmmanual and the Book of Mathew are sequentially related.  The only question is did the Plejarens create the Talmud to fit their current agenda.  They certainly had the language skills and technologies to put it on old parchment and telepathically encourage Billy and the priest to find it.  I think I will stay out of the war that might develop between Christians and Plejaren believers. Of course, the option of alien intervention does not detract from the basic Billy Meier Contactee story.


The Case for Incompetent Aliens?


Now let me expound on why I think these Plejarens are almost incompetent from a project management point of view, a subject dear to my heart.  Imagine driving by a refinery where there are a ton of tall towers with equipment all over them, some at the very top.  If you take the two dumbest workers at the plant and assign them to do a small repair at the top of a tower, they are going to be sure they have all the right tools, the tools are secure and in good working order before they manually climb the tower in the atmosphere that surrounds these towers. Nobody wants to make an unnecessary trip down and up.


On more than one occasion, Billy is allowed to take pictures that eventually don’t turn out because of radiation put out by the space craft.  In the one case, Billy is taken aboard the huge galactic traveling craft, 17182 meters in diameter, and he is taking plenty of pictures.  In fact, the Plejarens have provided some of their own photographic equipment…..and nobody bothers to check to see if the photographs are turning out?  They should have checked things out clear back before they left the farm.  In those days, people were generally using outside services to develop film, but many people had their own dark room to check out their progress.  Imagine taking somebody to a different universe for the expressed purpose of taking pictures, and you don’t check out the film progress along the way.


Then there was the issue of whether CIA-like agents were interfering with the developer service.  Even farm boy Billy could do his own developing if they had told him how.  One just needs a “dark room” lit by light that doesn’t interfere with the film chemicals and some developing chemicals that can easily be purchased and be much cheaper than using a developing service.  Billy was seriously strapped for funding; it would seem he was badly mismanaged by the Plejarens in contact with him.


There is no quibble with the Plejaren folks wanting a person they could telepathically communicate with and no doubt Switzerland was a good peaceful location for their agenda and a farm boy education was probably good to keep him from asking too many questions.  He was very accepting in lots of cases.  But how in the world did they think he could slip out of bed with his younger wife and go traipsing around with beautiful women in a space ship?  No wonder she did him wrong on occasion and eventually divorced him.


How in the world did they think exposing a young child to space ships and an old man telling him things the child had no idea what the meaning was, could help the child develop.  He was bound to tell people things that would lead him to be condemned by the police, teachers, friends and maybe his own parents.  There was nothing he was shown or told in childhood that couldn’t have waited until he was older.  The only argument might have been that he needed to be young to get the telepathic capability up and working.  But they could have done that with casual stories and an appreciation of nature.  It appears they wanted him to drop out of school and sent him off on a mission that would guarantee he didn’t get any formal education.


On more than one occasion, Billy gets into an argument with the Plejarens and becomes the personality I remember fondly about younger Germans in general.  He was very arrogant and self-assuming at times when he gets ready to meet Semjase’s father, Ptaah.  Ptaah gets pretty much a belly full of it and almost terminates the case on the spot. You will have to read all this yourself to get the detailed drift.


One of the stories the lady Asket tells the teenager Billy is that there was a sister planet inhabited by similar war monger humans again related to earth humans through the common ancestors of the Plejarens and because of wars ended up destroying their planet and it becoming the asteroids.  Here are the words of Semjase.


98. Already once, millennia ago, a similar catastrophe was released in this solar system, namely, as the planet, which was the second human-inhabited one of this system, was destroyed.
99. Through the irrationality of the humanity who lived there at that time the planet was blown up into thousands of smaller and larger pieces, and thereby a flourishing world was destroyed.
100. As the Earth's sister planet, it orbited the Sun in the position where now the planet Mars goes its way.
101. But, through the mighty first explosion, a gigantic repulsion effect was produced and the planet was catapulted away to finally explode in the orbit where it now circles as the asteroid belt.
In the modern theory of The Electric Universe there can be huge repulsive forces generated when something alters the conductivity of the atmosphere of a planet that adjoins the highly ionic charges of the interplanetary solar wind. A large number of atomic explosions might provide a means of conduction from space down to the surface of the planet.
102. The name of the planet was Malon, which then later, because of its destruction, was changed and underwent a slight alteration.
103. At that time Mars circled in the present day's asteroid course, and was driven into a closer solar orbit through the violent destruction-explosion of the planet Malon.
104. Malon's solar orbit was, therefore, at that time, there, where Mars now circles, whereas this situation was, however, altered through the destruction. (The planet of that time is today named Malona or Phaeton, etc.)
105. A further such event must be prevented, and exactly that is the duty of the superior races and Earth-human forms of life.
106. The entire inner solar system could be destroyed through an atomic destruction of this Earth, and fragments of it or the planets could be driven out into space as very dangerous projectiles.
107. Thereby, again, entire further planetary systems could be destroyed and disrupted, which could lead to an unprecedented catastrophe in the SOL system.
It is not clear what is meant by SOL systems in the plural.  One might jump to conclusion that SOL is an abbreviation of the word solar, but she uses the word solar when that is what she means.  It sounds like other solar systems are connected to our solar systems perhaps by the Birkeland Currents suggested in the Electric Universe. Therefore, a large body exiting its solar system might be directed toward another system by the electric charge in space.
108. Adjoining planetary systems themselves could thereby be affected.
109. The basis for this possibility is that this solar system orders various planetary giants which enact an extraordinarily large power of attraction.
110. Furthermore this system is exposed in space in such a way that such a catastrophe, as has just been explained, could spread out, uninhibited, through the solar system for many astronomical units.
111. A similar event was already released in very distant space in a galaxy completely foreign to Earth, as the planet which was destroyed by religious insanity engendered this dangerous reaction.
112. It was that world which I have described, and that was destroyed through that form of human who adopted the Christian religion from the Earth.
113. Through those kinds of occurrences, not only would the terrestrial planetary system be in great danger, but also others of the SOL systems.
114. Through a destruction of the Earth, and so forth, the structure of space-time could not be torn, but the entire solar system could fall into a deadly ruin.
By a destruction of the Earth, and so on could although not only the spatial and time structure be torn, but also the whole solar system in a deadly destruction translation black by Jim
115. In and of itself this danger is really not small, because, as the Earth finds itself in a very exposed spot, this gruesome event could actually become reality if the destructive power is great enough, and is of atomic origin.


There has been the Theory of Phaeton around since early 1700s due to the Titius-Bode Law of the order of planets.  The chart below shows how the law is right on target up thru Uranus and then doesn’t appear to work for Neptune alone.  However, in the same article it shows that Neptune and Pluto overlap their orbits and other bodies are in the near area.  Strangely, if one averages the 5 planets (Neptune, Pluto, Orcus, Haumea and Quaoar) it is 39.09 compared to the Titius-Bode Law of 38.8 which is about as precise as any of them.

It seems totally stupid to have a curve that essentially fits 8 planets and then call it just an accident when the 9th planet doesn’t fit.  To me this says that moons and maybe other parameters need to be considered in the basic input to the law. It is clear that gravity and mass alone are not all the parameters that should be considered. 


Below are the Mars solar distances for the year 2013.




Average = 1.523671


Pi^(1/e) where e is 2.71828 and value is 1.523671055.


This and many other groups of data suggest that the solar system is potentially much more organized than we tend to think. Therefore, the Plejaren worry about us blowing ourselves up is maybe something we ought to pay more heed to. The balance she is talking about could be electrical and magnetic forces.


The upshot of this contact with Billy is that there are advanced humans all over the place as reported by Colonel Stevens and space travel at effective speeds much greater than the speed of light is routinely done in thousands or millions of civilizations.  There are UFOs all over the place on earth and they can sometimes be seen, but most of the times choose to be not seen, just like the cloaking concept given to some of our science fiction movies. Many earth humans have theorized about parallel universes. We don’t really have any reason to believe that we are alone.  Just because there hasn’t been a landing on the White House lawn doesn’t mean they are not here.  What does it hurt to imagine that we need to take better care of the earth environment and respect life forms from distant systems? And having a more focused attention to Creation does not hurt anything. It sure appears to me that our earth has been quarantined by some type of Federation and the aliens are not supposed to make overt contact with us.


This story certainly gives credence to the “forbidden archeology” whereby earth human footprints are found in the same congealed mud as dinosaurs.  And Edgar Cayce talks about civilizations on earth that were millions of years old.  He even jokes about some of the folks having tails.  One can reflect upon the “standard human model” and wonder just how humans started in Africa a couple hundred thousand years ago, migrated northerly to Egypt and turned their skin brown.  Then they migrated north to become white Caucasian skin.  Of course, you cannot forget the march to the east to become Mongoloid and finally back down to Australia to become black again.  Those skin genes were really busy in that relatively short period of time and yet have remained quiet the last 100,000 years.


The central argument put forth by the Plejarens is that all human experience has “free will” as the highest priority and no advanced civilization is supposed to “factually prove advanced technologies” much like the theme in Star Trek and other science fiction movies.  Essentially, the Plejarens argue that if their civilization forces themselves on another, then they will be ostracized by civilizations more advanced than theirs and they would then miss out on further advancement of their own.  And of course there is the issue of the Federation which would find their intervention perhaps a criminal act.  That seems to me more likely why they didn’t want any pictures of their bodies or control panels inside the ships.


One has to wonder what worries we should have about advanced humans who could, if they wanted, dominate our societies.  Let me see….we might have lifespan hundreds of years instead of the 85 we now live.  We might have very advanced education and health repairs.  Suffering might be a thing of the past.  Hunger and catastrophes might be at an end.  Hell…line me up….I might be ready to surrender.  One has to wonder if the slaves captured in Africa could have seen 100 years ahead, some might have willingly come to the more advanced countries where there was food, shelter and a job.  Yep, a certain amount of whipping and meanness but that might beat starving all to hell and in 100 years they are free living high off the hog, many going back to Africa to help relatives still living in squalor.


What is the Benefit of the Billy Meier Case?


From a number of points of view, what the Plejarens are wanting is something not that far from the teachings of Theosophy. God is a super intelligent human spirit with millions of helpers who manage the litany of human spirits all at various levels of development in their recycling throughout the history of the current crop of humans.  It seems quite likely there were some type of humans on earth before the ship of Plejarens came some 50,000 years ago.  With human tracks in solidified mud alongside dinosaurs it could have been literally millions of different societies.


But God did not create the energy and matter of ours or anybody’s universe.  The Plejarens refer to light as “fine energy” and matter as “course energy”. That topic will be covered in another report.

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Jim Branson
Retired Professional Engineering Manager


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